Highlighting work I've created for Pub's & Restaurants

I was involved with the branding, design and marketing for various pubs and restaurants. I led the development of distinctive visual identities, designing logos, selecting colour schemes, and working with the team to establish brand guidelines and to create a cohesive and impactful brand presence. Additionally, I redesigned the websites, and was involved with the rebranding of a brand and responsible for all the marketing involved including signage for the launch of a new site.

Menu design was another important aspect of my work, collaborating with chefs. I also managed and created monthly campaigns, developing marketing assets such as posters, flyers, and digital graphics to promote special events, seasonal promotions, and new menu items. I managed social media platforms, curating content and implementing strategies to engage followers and attract new customers. I also took charge of offline materials, designing presentations, displays, and event collateral to create memorable experiences for customers during special occasions.

Throughout my role, I aimed to establish strong brand identities, enhance customer experiences, and drive business success for the pubs and restaurants I collaborated with in the hospitality industry.

Featured Assets:
  • Shop signage, displays, apparel, swing boards
  • Offline material such as: leaflets, stationary, adverts, brochures
  • Online assets such as: web & social media assets & management, ads
  • Briefing books, hygiene books, presentations
  • Packaging, grease proof paper
  • Virtual merchandising, displays
  • Monthly marketing campaign – creating assets from that
  • Photography
  • Chalk boards and window displays

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