Holistic Wellness

Highlighting work I've created for holistic wellness

In the realm of holistic wellness, I had the privilege of collaborating with a few holistic life coaches, counsellors, nurses, and spiritual mediums. For some, I created brands and logo designs that embodied their holistic philosophies and unique identities.

I developed a diverse range of assets tailored specifically to their target audience needs. From designing marketing materials, clothing apparel, and signage to creating stationary and managing social media platforms, I ensured a consistent and impactful brand experience for my clients. I also took the lead in website design and management on some projects. 

Featured Assets:
  • Displays and clothing apparel
  • Offline material such as: leaflets, stationary, adverts, particulars, brochures
  • Website design & management
  • Social media assets, campaigns & management
  • Workbooks

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