Property Development

Showcasing Development Projects

During my time with a UK property developer, I had the privilege of working closely with clients, directors, and stakeholders to bring their developments and projects to life. Creating brands, naming sites it was something I thoroughly enjoyed. Collaborating with them, I provided design support across various platforms. From creating visually captivating graphics for property platforms and managing social media assets to updating websites with engaging content, I played a pivotal role in enhancing the online presence and visibility of the company’s developments. I crafted marketing collateral, including leaflets, real estate agent particulars, newspaper adverts, and development brochures. These materials were carefully designed to effectively showcase the unique features of each development, attracting potential buyers and generating interest in the market. I also had the opportunity to contribute to email campaigns, events, open homes, and sponsorship initiatives, creating impactful promotional materials that reflected the brand identity and created a buzz around the developments.

Additionally, my design contributions were recognised with prestigious industry awards, solidifying the impact and effectiveness of my work. One notable achievement was the successful sale of a remarkable £1.1 million pound house, attributed to the marketing materials I designed.

Featured Assets:
  • Working with estate agents, window cards, displays, apparel, swing boards
  • Branding each development and maintaining brand consistency
  • Offline material such as: leaflets, stationary, adverts, particulars, brochures
  • Online assets such as: web & social media assets & management, ads
  • Monthly marketing campaign – creating assets from that

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